Roboteq supports Ethernet TCP/IP connection on the FBL2 and GBL2 series of controllers. Connecting these controllers to a WiFi network can be done using a simple and inexpensive WiFi to Ethernet Access point.

 fbl2360e with wifi ap

For this demonstration we selected WiFi Access Point made by VONETS, model VAP11G-300. An RJ45 cable plugs into the Ethernet sockets found on the FBL2360E and the Access Point. The Access Point's power supply cable is connected to the controller's 5V output. 

The first thing to do is to connect the Access Point to the WiFi network. Different Access Points use different methods but typically require that they be first connected to a PC via Ethernet, or by WiFi (the Access Point initially acts as a WiFi server). With the Browser pointing to the Access Point IP address, we can configure the Access Point to connect into our WiFi network. 

Once this is done, the motor controller is connected to the WiFi network via its RJ45 port. To enable RoboteQ’s motor controller access on the ethernet port, open Roborun+ and at the configuration tab, we should be able to configure the TCP Mode as Enabled, as shown in the image below.


Note that the products supporting Ethernet communication are marked with the letter “E” after the Controller model number.

Connect the access point on the motor controller using an Ethernet cable. Since the pc in connected via WiFi on the access point’s local network and the controller is connected via an ethernet cable on the access point, using the motor controller utility select TCP as the COM Port.


At the pop-up window, which will appear after setting the COM Port to TCP, fill in the IP and Port fields and press ok.


After pressing ok, the virtual com port connection will be lost with the controller and the controller will be found via TCP.

Controlling, monitoring and configuring RoboteQ’s motor controller are now available via a WiFi connection.

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