Make sure to have the latest firmware version for controller which can be found HERE.

Connect power (min 12V) to power control and ground.

Connect RS232 connection from PC to controller. Can be done via Cable-RS1 or a modified cable that connects the controllers RS232 to computer RS232(port or serial to USB adapter).

Open Roborun+ and go directly to the "Console tab".

Click on "Update controller firmware via comport".

In the upper right corner of pop up browser, select the "Manually select comport" bubble.

In the upper left corner of same browser, select the correct comport in the drop box.

Browse for the controller firmware file.

Click "Program" and click "OK" for the popup warning.

Power on controller. If message in the log box says waiting for device to restart, power cycle the controller.

If all is successful, the controller will update with the firmware.

To make sure firmware update was successful, click "Close" and the controller will connect to the utility.

Make sure to go back to the "Configuration" tab and do a reset to controller defaults.

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