When controller connects to Roborun+ utility, click "Yes" when asked to read back or load configuration from the controller.

This must be done in order to properly store new configuration data as it compares the table in Roborun+ with the controllers stored table of configuration data.

Controllers with firmware date codes 3/11/14, 5/15/14, 8/12/14 have a built in self start function that begins if RS232 Tx and Rx pins are shorted upon power up. If connected via RS232, the controller will never connect to the utility. USB will connect, but no configuration changes can be saved properly. Make sure to update to 11/21/14 firmware or newer if available.

3/11/14 firmware and 5/15/14 firmware selftest function will reset controller configuration to defaults everytime this activates.

8/12/14 firmware does not reset controller back to defaults. All 3 firmwares should not be used.

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