Make sure to refer to datasheet and erratasheet on web for correct pinout.

Encoder inputs on some controllers will share the same line as RC1 and RC2 inputs. These 2 RC inputs are preset in default condition. Disable both Pulse input 1 and 2 completely.

Conversion type: None
Input use - Disabled

Go to the "Run" tab. Set up the proper channel(s) in the lower right corner of browser. Select Counter(single channel controllers), Counter 1, or Counter 2 (Some may read as "Enc Counter" and slowly spin the shaft of the motor in each direction and verify that the counter counts + and - accordingly. Make sure A and B channels are wired to the proper pins. Default value upon power up is 0.

Can change encoder count value manually in the "Console" tab by sending the following command.
!C cc nn
Where cc = encoder # and nn = value. Reset encoder 1 to 0 would be !C 1 0.

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