A: In the "Configuration" tab, open up "Motor configuration" and change the "Pole Pair" number to a - value. I.E. -2.

To find out how many pole pairs a motor is without any documentation, do the following. This is important for speed measurements if hall sensors are used as feedback.

Connect motor hall sensor to controller. Leave motor in open loop mode or have the motor disconnected.

Turn the motor shaft to a reference point (mark if needed) so it is easily remembered.

Power on controller.

In Roborun+, go directly to the "Run" tab and in the bottom right area, select a channel for "Hall Counter" or "Counter"(Controller does not support encoder; i.e. VBL16xx controllers). The default value will be 0 upon power up of controller every time.

Slowly by hand rotate the shaft of the motor 1 full revolution. Once this is done, look at the "Hall Counter" or "Counter" value.

Take that number and divide by 6. This will give you the correct number of pole pairs your motor will use. You may need to do this a few times to make sure you are getting the same value for sanity check.

8 pole motor will give a value of 24 counts in 1 full revolution; therefore it would be 4 pole pairs.

To reset manually the counter back to 0, send the following command.
!CB 1 0
!CB 2 0 if using a dual channel brushless controller.

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