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RoboPad Kit including Base and Collector, CANbus transceiver (Patent Pending), 90mm wide, 100A

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1Robopads datasheet

Version 1.0 Updated June 16, 2022

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1Roboteq Controllers User Manual v2.1

v.2.1, Mar 22, 2022


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1BMS10x0 datasheet

v1.2, September 11, 2020

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3D Model3D Model

1BMS 3D Mechanical Model1.56 MB

BMS FirmwareBMS Firmware

1ROBOBMS Firmware

v1.5 May 29, 2020

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PC UtilityPC Utility

1RoboBMS PC Utility

v.1.3, July 1, 2020

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v2.0, June 12, 2019

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RoboPads charging contact system offers a precision, high current charging solution for mobile robots and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). It is composed of a charge contacts base that is typically affixed on the floor, and a collector unit with extendable contacts, mounted on the robot. A set of wireless CANbus transceivers allow the BMS and Charger to communicate when the pads make contact. RoboPads utilize magnets to control the connection and disconnection action automatically, while using no additional power from the mobile systems batteries. The base’s ultra-low profile, and the collector’s extension range, allows for far more compact charging configurations over any other charge system.