RIOX Utility

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PC-based Configuration Utility for Roboteq's RIOX IMU and IO Extender. Configure, Run, and Monitor the devices using intuitive by using pull-down menus, buttons, and sliders. Free version with limited scripting size. (Download from Support tab)

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1RIOX PC Utility

v2.0, May 31, 2018

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RIOX Utility is a PC utility that allows users to configure their Roboteq’s RIOX IMU with IO Extender. Using the utility, you can alter the device's configuration parameters in addition to monitor the operating state of the IO and IMU. The utility provides means of diagnostics through rich charts and logs. Through the utility, you can monitor the commands/responses flow through USB, RS232, or TCP. The utility provides means of updating the RIOX's firmware through the UI with few mouse clicks. In addition to that, the utility provides a way for writing, compiling, and uploading user-defined script through a WYSWYG script editor integrated into the utility. The utility can be downloaded free of charge