Brushless DC Motor Controllers

Servo Motor? Hub Motor? Inrunner or Outrunner? From a few Watts to 30kW, if your motor has permanent magnets and has 3 power wires, Roboteq has one or more controllers that will make it turn. Regardless of your motor’s size or channel configuration, just match the voltage and current rating using our Product Tables below, or use the Roboteq Product Finder.


Roboteq drives have the feature sets that make them well suited in a wide range of advanced motion control applications: precise speed, torque, and position control; exceptional power density, dual‑channel, battery operation support, regenerative braking, fieldbus connectivity, rugged construction, Functional Safety (STO), and advanced protection are some of the enabling technologies found in our RoboG4 drives.

4th Generation Processor Architecture


Helping Make Your Robot Mobile...


Mobile Robots need two motors to move and steer. Only Roboteq can make this work with a single controller. Compared to the traditional One Motor/One Controller approach, the Dual Channel is simpler, cheaper, and easier to integrate and maintain.

Motors are coordinated within the controller, resulting in superior and safer drive characteristics.

...or Make it Move in Every Direction


Part of Roboteq's Integrated Solution for AGV’s

Add Roboteq’s Magnetic Guide Sensor and you have a fully functional, line following Automatic Guided Vehicle with just two components.


Make it even better with our Battery Management System for Lithium Batteries. You can add our Robot IO eXtender Module (RIOX) with its inertial measurement unit (IMU) for extra stability. Use matching motor/wheel assemblies from our Validated Motor Partners. Download Magnetic Navigation Software and get free, Expert Support from Roboteq to make it all work for you.

Interface with Anything


Our controllers can be operated from practically anything. From simple push buttons, to Joysticks, Radios, PLCs, or Computers, Roboteq can interface with it. A generous number of Pulse/Analog/Digital Inputs are available for limit switches, potentiometers, encoders, buttons or sensors. Digital Outputs provide for braking, lights, or solenoids. Need more IO? Use our RIOX IO eXtender via CANbus and know no limits!

Enjoy the Silence and Efficiency of Sine


All Rotor Sensor Types – Even no sensor


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Yes, We CAN!

All our controllers have a 1Mbit CANbus interface. Using a simple wire pair, you can make two or more controllers work together, connect to Joysticks, PLCs, Battery Management Systems, or any other smart sensor. And thanks to four different available CAN protocols, you can be sure that they will be able to understand each other.


Connect Your PC and ...


No need for special programming tools. Download our Free Roborun+ PC Utility and start exploring the possibilities!


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I've worked with a lot of motor controllers and I have to say that so far these are the BEST I've worked with. Great job on the design and the software.

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