Roboteq is a Software company at heart: All our Controllers and Sensors are based on advanced 32-bit ARM processors. They are the hardware platforms for our constantly improving Control, Signal Processing and Communications Algorithms that are embedded in our Firmware.

We are also a Systems company, offering components that talk to each other, and the tools needed to integrate them into larger assemblies. As such, we understand our  customer needs and offer an array of solutions backed by expert Engineering Support

Powerful PC Utilities for Easy Setup and Operation


Embedded Scripting for Ultimate Flexibility

Watch the MicroBasic Video

AGV Simulator and Robot Kinematics Scripts


Watch the AGV Demo Video

APIs & Drivers for Accelerated Integration


Our Controllers and Sensors are Components that must talk to each other, computers and other subsystems. Our Linux/Windows API and Drivers for the ROS - Robot Operating System – make this work fast and efficient.