Motor/Wheels for AGVs and Mobile Robots


To make Robot building faster and easier, Roboteq offers a line up of preconfigured and tuned integrated Motor/Gearbox/Wheels. These come as kits including motor and controller, or as a new line of motors with built-in controllers. 

A New Line of Integrated

Mix Roboteq’s advanced motion control technology and Nidec’s leadership in servo motors. The result is spacesaving units, incorporating motor, encoder, and controller that are ready to install and use within minutes into a multitude of Robotics and Industrial Automation application.

This new and growing product line features low-voltage/high-current, CANbus or EtherCAT fieldbuses, Scripting and STO Functional Safety.


Drives for Differential Steering Systems


Differential drives use a motor on each side of the robot to create the forward/reverse and steering motion. It is the simplest and most robust system for mobile robots and are the best suited for Roboteq's "One Drive - Two Motors" solution:


Dual channel control is inherently safer as both motors are managed at once. Telemetry data shows the complete robot’s behavior and both motors can be made to safely react when a fault is detected on the other motor, Certified Safe Torque Off (STO) ensures that the motors are only energized in safe conditions.

Smaller, Simpler, Cheaper

Roboteq's One Controller-Two Motors solution results in a more compact, simpler to assemble and wire, and less expensive robot.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions for Small and Large Robots

Two motor kits are available depending on the robot's size and maximum payload. Each have different size motor, gearbox and wheels with the capability of carrying and moving the maximum rated payload at speed up to 5m/s with a 48V supply.

Motors are equipped with a 4096 encoder for precision odemetry and smooth/quiet sinusoidal operation with Fied Oriented Control


Order as Preconfigured Kits
Tuned and Ready to Go

The motors may be ordered separately of part of kits including the FBL2360 dual channel Brushless DC motor controller,  a pair of motors/gearbox/wheels, cables and matching connectors. The motors are tuned and calibrated, to deliver a Plug and Play experience, saving days of guesswork.

The motors and controllers are matched and guaranteed to operate safely under any load or overload condition. Functional Safety is ensured via the STO (Safe Torque Off) capability of the motor controller. The motors can be ordered with an optional mechanical brake for added safety.

Mobile Robot Design Never Got Easier


By offering selected Motor/Wheels assemblies Roboteq now has the industry's most complete sets of components for for building AGVs or Mobile Robots. All these components are designed to work together as one, allowing our Engineers to help you with your entire project.

Uniquely Supported with Programming & Simulation Tools

All of our products are programmable and easily interface to computers or PLCs. To ease your integration task, Roboteq offers a powerful Setup and Monitoring PC utility, samples scripts, Linux/Windows API's, drivers for Robot Operating System, and Robot Simulator.


More OEM Motors

As part of the Nidec Group, we can give you access to the world’s largest selection of electric motors. These motors are available to OEMs with high-volume & optimized costs requirements. Or we can have one custom designed to your specific needs.


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Ask Us About More Motors and Drive Systems

Need solutions for Omnidirectional driving? Contact us and we will help you locate the motor, gear box, wheel and steering system that best fit your application.

motor with mecanum wheel
steerable motor wheel