RoboG4 Controller Open Loop BLDC Motor Tutorial with Hall Sensor Commutation

This video will demonstrate how to use a RoboG4 controller to run a BLDC motor in Open Loop. Open Loop is the simplest way to run a motor by supplying some PWM voltage to its windings without having any actual control over its current or speed. Although it's not the optimal operating mode, it's still a necessary first step before proceeding with the Closed Loop configuration. The hardware used in this demo includes a Nidec 089 motor equipped only with Hall sensors and an FBLG2360T controller.

Roboteq's MicroBasic Programming Demonstration

 One of Roboteq controller’s most powerful features is the ability to write programs that are permanently saved into and run from the controller’s flash memory. This capability is the equivalent of combining the motor controller functionality and that of a PLC or single-board computer into a single unit. In this demonstration, we will show you how easy it is to write, download and execute a simple program that monitors the battery voltage and activates a digital output when the battery drops below a given threshold.