Custom Motor Control Solutions

Roboteq motors controllers are a highly configurable Technology Platform which provides a broad range of customization opportunities to OEMs requiring special features for their applications.

Customizable Hardware and Software Features


1- Customized Microcomputer Firmware

All Roboteq controllers may have their firmware modified to include many customer defined functions. For example:

  • Different operating parameters and operating mode than the standard products
  • Predefined motion sequences based on I/O stimulus
  • Custom ramps or motion patterns.

Thanks to Roboteq controller's field upgrade capability, custom software is typically emailed to the OEM to load and test it in his environment.


2- Customized or Full Custom Motor Controller

Roboteq will consider creating modified version of its standard product with more or less components, as needed by the OEM application. Likewise, controllers can be relayed out to fit any particular size and footprint requirement. Customizable features include

  • Board size, shape and cooling technique
  • IO and Power connections type
  • Number and mix of analog, pulse and digital I/O
  • Connectivity type
  • Processor performance
  • Data logging, additional safety, and other hardware improvements

A customized motor controller prototype can be produced in as little as 30 days.

Engaging with Roboteq

Customization work is very affordable and requires customer commitment of as as little as 50 pieces. Please contact us to inquire