Magnetic Guide Sensors

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The Simplest and Most Reliable Guiding Technique for AGVs

Roboteq’s Magnetic Guide Sensor is capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field along its horizontal axis. Our sensor is intended for applications in Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), using inexpensive adhesive magnetic tape to form a guide on the floor.


Build an AGV with Only Two Components

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A complete, Magnetic Guide following AGV can be built with just an MGS1600 sensor and one of the many dual channel motor controllers in our catalog.

We have prepared an Application Article, complete with descriptions, drawings and programming code to show you just how simple it is.

readmore 50px  How to Build an AGV

Watch the AGV Demo Video


Watch the Video: How the Magnetic Guide Sensor Works



Superior to Other Guiding Techniques

Technique Easy to Lay Easy to Change Passive Dirt Imune Invisible
 Magnetic Guide  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes Yes
 Induction Wire  No  No  No Yes Yes
 Optical  Yes  Yes  Yes No No

Compared to other guiding techniques, magnetic guides are totally passive and therefore easy to lay and modify. The tape creates an invisible field that is immune to dirt and unaffected by lighting conditions. The magnetic track can be totally hidden under any non-ferrous flooring material.


 Precise, Sensitive, Fast

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Effective Forks and Location Markers Management


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The sensor simultaneously follows and reports the position of two (left and right) tracks. With this information, the AGV can be made to follow the desired path at forks.

The sensor can also detect segments of tape of opposite magnetic polarity as location markers. Left and Right markers can be individually detected. Additional location information can be encoded using different marker lenghts and patterns.



Easy to Interface with Anything

The MGS can be interfaced directly with any of Roboteq’s motor controllers in order to create an effective AGV solution with just two components. The sensor can also be connected to any PLC, PC or single board computer using a choice of Analog, PWM, RS232, USB or CANbus interfaces.

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Tough and Tougher

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Chose between ABS plastic with 2m cable, or all-metal with a waterproof industrial M12 connector.
Built to last, both are equally IP67 water and dust resistants



See the Invisible, Run Virtually


The shape of the track's and marker's magnetic field under the sensor can be visualized in real-time in Roboteq's free PC utility. This unique capability takes the guessing out of troubleshooting.

Use our free simulator to easily develop and test your Magnetic Track following AGV from your PC.

Watch the RoboAGVSim Video


Flexible and Durable Magnetic Tape

Tape is available in 25 and 50mm width. The wider tape offers a larger adhesive area and is very well suited for use in heavy traffic areas. The tape is easy to lay and can be bent to create virtualy any shape paths.

For heavily traveled areas Roboteq offers a 5x5mm square tape that can be inserted in a groove carved into the floor.


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Chosen by the World's Top AGV Makers

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Roboteq's Magnetic Guide Sensor is the World's most accurate and most versatile MGS. It is the easiest to integrate, monitor and troubleshoot. No wonder it has been selected by the World's Finest manufacturers for their Magnetic Guided AGV's.



Garanteed Success and Satisfaction

Our magnetic guide sensors are the world's most sophisticated and versatile. They are also the easiest to use thanks to our detailed documentation, software tools and application examples. However, should you run into difficulties you can rest assured that you will always get timely and accurate answers from our Support team. After all, we can only succeed if you succeed!

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Beyond Product Support

The Roboteq team has been with us all along our AGV design efforts, helping with communiction to our PLC and advising us on how best to construct our mechanical chassis in order to achieve accurate and steady track following. Thank you!

P.B. - Canada


Integration Really is a Snap

Roboteq's sensor, motor controller and software really do come together as easily as advertized. Following their Applicaton Note's instructions and using their sample script was all we needed to make our robot move within hours. Impressive!

A.G. - Spain





Orderable Products

MGS1600 Family

pfolder magsensor diag4Precision magnetic sensor for detecting and measuring the position of a magnetic track along the horizontal axis, for use with Automatic Guided Vehicles and other Automation applications. Interfaces seamlessly with Roboteq motor controllers. Utilizes USB, RS232, and CAN for interfacing to any PLC, microcomputer or PC.

Name Description Product Page
MGSW1600 All-metal, shock-resistant 160 mm wide magnetic track sensor with 3-axis Gyroscope, serial, USB, analog, PWM and CAN output. Product details
MGS1600GY Enclosed IP64 160 mm wide magnetic track sensor with 3-axis Gyroscope, serial, USB, analog, PWM and CAN output. Product details
OTS1600 160 mm Optical Track Sensor, serial, USB, analog, PWM and CAN output. Product details

Magnetic Tape

pfolder magtapeFlexible magnetic tape with high-bond adhesive for laying magnetic tracks. Available in 45.72m (150feet) rolls of 25mm or 50mm width, and 1.1mm thick. Precise and uniform magnetic strenght across the full width and length. Magnetic South side on top (North side on top available but not recommended). Short segments of North side tape available for use as Markers. Made of very durable material capable of withstanding foot and light vehicle traffic.

Name Description Product Page
MTAPE NORTH TOP50 Magnetic Tape roll 150' (45.7m) long by 2" (50.8mm) wide. NORTH is top side. Each roll is 25 lbs (11.4 kg). Not recommended for new installations Product details
MTAPE50NR Magnetic Tape roll 150' (45.7m) long by 2" (50.8mm) wide. SOUTH is top side. Each roll is 25 lbs (11.4 kg). Product details
MTAPE NORTH TOP25 Magnetic Tape roll 150' (45.7m) long by 1" (25.4mm) wide. NORTH is top side. Each roll is 13 lbs (6 kg). Not recommended for new installations Product details
MTAPE25NR Magnetic Tape roll 150' (45.7m) long by 1" (25.4mm) wide. SOUTH is top side. Each roll is 13 lbs (6 kg). Product details
MTAPE SQUARE 5X5 0.197" width x 0.197" thickness x 50 FT length (5mm x 5mm x 15.24m) magnetic tape for MGS1600. Sold in 50 FT (15.24m) rolls. Product details
MAGMARKER25 Magnetic Tape segment for use as Markers. 1" width x 0.045" thickness x 1' length (2.54cm x 1.1mm x 30.5 cm). North is top side. Product is shipped in standard 1-foot strips. Contact us for a continuous custom length requirement. Product details
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