AGV kit including two 89mm 48V Frame Motor, Gearbox, and Wheel Assembly for 600kg Mobile Robot up to 3000 RPM. No brake, and FBL2360T motor controller
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1FBL23xx Datasheet

v.1.1, updated November 18, 2020

913.81 KB
1089LDA150FGCJH100620 Motor Datasheet606.91 KB
1AGV Kit Quick Start Guide367.95 KB
1Roboteq Controllers User Manual v2.0

v.2.0, July 23, 2019

v 2.0, May 20, 2020 (Page number references changed on page 81)

6.01 MB
1FBL UL Certification192.75 KB
1STO Certification1.04 MB


1Roborun+ PC Utility

v2.1 December 22, 2020

34.78 MB
1FBL2XXX Firmware v2.1267.53 KB
1FBL2x-step3d1.51 MB
1089 Motor 3D Model No Brake962.67 KB

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